Contact: Zach and Kacie
Address: 184299 N 2480 Rd. Walters, OK, 73572
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Phone: 503-577-6391
About Us
We are a small fifth-generation farm and ranch located between Lawton, Oklahoma, and Wichita Falls, Texas. We raise premium quality, whole, healthy, slow-grown, and delicious food by rethinking commercial practices and using regenerative agriculture principles. We think our products can renew our bodies and in the process redeem the land they were raised on. We provide local families with peace of mind that the products on their tables are the best, and healthiest they can get.
Our cattle are USDA Grass-Fed (and finished). Our pigs are raised on pasture and fed a non-gmo, corn and soy-free feed from Tony's in Muenster, TX. We do not use any hormones or antibiotics. All of our products are processed professionally at federally inspected facilities.