Lia's Garden at CommonWealth
Contact: Lia Woods
Address: 1013 NW 32 OKlahoma City, OK, 73118
Email Address:
Phone: 405-524-1864
About Us
As one of the partner-farmers at CommonWealth Urban Farms, my focus is on growing healthy seedlings and super-nutritious vegetables. I want to provide the highest quality seedlings so that my customers can have successful gardens of their own. Our urban farm is located less than a mile east of the Paseo Farmers Market, on vacant lots that we’ve turned into productive growing spaces. In addition to being a working farm, CommonWealth also offers educational classes and farm tours to the community.
Our focus is on the health of the soil, in order to have the healthiest possible seedlings and vegetables. Healthy soil = healthy plants = healthy people!

We make our own compost from food waste and wood chips, which provides the fertility base for our farm. We don't till or use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We rely on the natural balance of beneficial insects as our main means of pest control. When necessary, we use soap sprays or other organic approved methods to get ahead of pest or disease issues. For our seedlings, we use either biodegradable pots or we sanitize previously used plastic pots for a second usage. In addition to growing vegetables, we have also planted multiple pollinator gardens to increase food and habitat for our pollinator friends, and to beautify and enliven our neighborhood.