WH Yardbirds
Address: 5931 S Main Washington, OK, 73093
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Phone: 405-226-7442
About Us
At WH Yardbirds, we specialize in raising chickens the old-fashioned way: pasture-raised and free-range, no antibiotics or hormones, and non-GMO feed made without soy or corn. Our chickens live in our signature chicken tractors, which we move around the farm on a regular basis to give our birds new grasses, seeds, and grains. During the day, our chickens roam free and forage, getting vitamins and nutrients from the land. Not only does this make our chickens happy chickens.

Our small, family farm is located on 10 acres in Washington, Oklahoma, just south of Norman. Unlike factory farms, we focus on quality rather than quantity of the birds we raise. Our chickens are smaller than most factory farmed birds, resulting in a 5-6 lb live bird and a 3.5-4.5 lb whole, dressed chicken. The smaller and younger the bird, the more flavorful and tender the resulting meat. Our birds are harvested at 7-8 weeks in a USDA inspected facility.

WH Yardbirds is run by 3 generations of Hamiltons. I was raised on a farm and ranch in the panhandle of Texas and hold a degree in Agriculture Economics from Texas A&M. I also have 30 years’ experience in the food service industry that gives me a good understanding of our food system. I have been married to my wife, Nancy, for 45 years. Nancy was raised on a dairy and poultry farm in central Texas and is involved in daily operations.

Our son, Wade, has a degree in Agronomy from Oklahoma State University and oversees our pasture management. Wade focuses on keeping our pastures healthy without using herbicides or pesticides. Wade and his wife Connie have been married for 18 years. Connie was raised on a farm and ranch in nearby Lindsey, Oklahoma. She is also involved in daily operations.

My grandson, Connor, is the third generation of WH Yardbirds. Wade and Connie’s son is currently in high school and is attending a welding program. Connor is our builder and welder, and he is also involved in daily operations.
Our chickens are pasture raised in mobile chicken barns thatr are moved to fresh daily. During the day the doors are opened so the chickens can free range. Our feed in non-GMO and non corn and non soy. Of course we use no antibiotics or growth stimulants.