RenRick’s Farm and Gardens
Contact: Rick& Renee Pearce
Address: P.O. Box 1383 Chickasha, OK, 73023
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Phone: 405-222-2800
About Us
Renrick's Farm & Gardens is a natural grower of perennials (natives-new introductions) that thrive in Oklahoma. We focus on plants that attract bees, butterflies and wildlife.

We are a perennial and water garden nursery. We specialize in cut flowers, heirlooms, native and new introductions. We trial all of our perennials. We are proud to grow everything green in our nursery right here in Chickasha, Oklahoma. Chickasha is located in the beautiful Washita Valley.

We are home to Great Plains Seed, a full line of seed (over 357 varieties) All NON GMO and Non Treated. We grow over 500 perennials. New introductions, Heirloom and the unusual.

In our Hibiscus display garden we have over 20 different hibiscus and several seedlings for evaluation.

In our daylily display display bed we have over 400 of the latest Tetraploid and 50 dips. In our seedling bed we have over 100 seedlings we are evaluation and over 1000 seedling growing.

We grow perennials that will thrive in the harsh Oklahoma weather
.We grow all of the plants in the natural way of Rodale with no chemicals in our plant management.and we are proud to offer our naturally grown plants through the Farmer's Markets. (Paseo. Edmond, Loves , Norman and State Festivals and online.

When you are looking for Oklahoma Natural Grown Perennials, Daylily, Iris and Hibiscus Garden or Fresh Cut Flowers, think of RENRICKS FARM AND GARDENS
We are a natural grower and our practices are safe for the environment, pollinators and humans. We practice stewardship of the the resources of the Earth and in recycling. The use of no chemicals has provide a safe environment where wildlife can thrive in harmony with a full nursery and composting. You can be sure that our plants are safe for the pollinators, pets and kids., free from chemicals like systemic insecticies and weed killers.

Here is a video I shot in 2017 of our display beds in Oct.