Bent Tree Farms
Address: 16603 COUNTY ROAD 3680 STONEWALL, OK, 74871-3
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Phone: 580-559-6792
About Us
Situated on 760 acres of South-central Oklahoma, Bent Tree Farms raises beef, lamb, and chicken using holistic, regenerative practices. In everything that we do, we look to improve soil and water quality, build wildlife habitat, and provide nutrient-dense protein for our patrons. We rotationally graze to mimic the massive buffalo herds of times past, don't use chemicals on our land and avoid use on the livestock, and provide a low-stress, high-quality of life for our animals. All our livestock except for our chickens are born on our farm, and only leave at harvest time.
Grassfed and Finished Beef and Lamb produced using the following protocols:

Our "No-no's"
-No grain, grain by-products, DDG's, or animal by-products fed.
-No routine antibiotics used (unless necessary to save an animals life, used as a last resort)
-No routine chemical deworming utilized (unless necessary to save an animals life, used as a last resort)
-No vaccinations used

Our "Yes, please"
-Rotated at least once per day in the growing season to fresh pasture, sometimes 3-4x per day.
- Calving and lambing occurs when the native herbivores are birthing, during the month of May.
-Conception-to-finish: we breed, birth, and finish all our animals on our farm. We control every aspect of our animals life.
-We use a local, family-owned and operated slaughterhouse that is inpected by the state of Oklahoma.
-We feed our chickens non-GMO, corn and soy-free feed. We move them to fresh pasture in a portable shelter once a day.
-We believe proper management and improving soil health can alleviate 99% of the issues in livestock production today. We think that the caretaker can influence the health and welfare of his livestock just by having good observation and decision making skills.