Corbin Cattle
Address: 105 Gaynelle Lane Hobart , OK, 73651
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Phone: 580-302-0984
About Us
We are a fourth generation farm/ranch and have the privilege of raising quality Angus cattle on the farm that was homestead in 1901. We are dedicated to bring you, our neighbor, and our new friends, quality beef that we have been enjoying on our plates for many years. We know that you will enjoy it as much as we have. We love the land, and we love raising quality Angus cattle. Our philosophy is if we take good care of our cattle they will take care of you. It is our desire to continue our 119-year legacy for a long time to come.

Having been raised on the farm has given me valuable insight in the ranching and farming industry. My wife and I were married May 28, 1982 and the fallowing fall we began our journey independently raising cattle. We had two wonderful children who also were a working part of our ranch. We started out by renting 160 acres and are very blessed to have been able to grow our herd of 15 cows to currently 180 cows and owning the land we operate on.
Great care goes into the selection and tracking of the pure Angus beef we bring to you. Our first registered Angus bull was purchased over 30 years ago, and our heard of Angus cattle has grown from there. We not only track the bloodline of our cattle, but what they eat as well. Our over 1300 acres of native and improved grass pastures allow our heard to free range graze. The remaining 300 plus acres of land is dedicated to growing the crops that are fed to our heard to make our meat tender and more flavorful than just grass feed cattle. Our calves are raised on the same grasses their mothers are on. We work the calves while they are still suckling their mothers. This helps to ensure the calves continued good health by utilizing their mother’s immunity. We do not use antibiotics or growth hormones on our calves as they grow naturally. Our calves are weaned at about seven month of age. They are placed on clean grass pasture and then grown for another three to four months. Next they are moved to another pasture and fed the grains that were grown on our farmland until time of harvest. We do not use any pesticides on our crops. Our feed is custom mixed along with hay that is also grown on our land.

Equally important is the care and regeneration of the soil we use to produce the clean quality foods that are good for you and good for the planet. We probe the soil and take samples for testing of the nutrients needed to continue the production of quality grass, hay and grains.