Benjamin Lee Bison
Contact: Jessi Deardorf
Address: 509 NW 32nd St Oklahoma City, OK, 73118
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Phone: 405-831-1174
About Us
Benjamin Lee Bison is a family owned and operated sustainable ranch that specializes in the raising of American Bison while focusing on 3 core values: social responsibility, transparency and quality. These values ensure that our animals and meat are 100% natural, pasture raised, hormone-free and humanely raised.

Strategically located in Sayre, Oklahoma, where Historic Route 66 cuts through the heart of the Great Plains, our ranch provides delicious, naturally flavorful, heritage breed meat that is a favorite among chefs, foodies, and home cooks.


Social Responsibility: Bison are an American staple; a historic, plains roaming animal that once inhabited North America by the masses. It is our prerogative to raise our bison naturally and humanely which promotes the conservation and regeneration of both land and animal.
What gives an animal a high quality of life is its habitat and its conditions, and what makes an animal healthy is its forage. We strive to achieve the highest quality of environment, land forage and habitat for our bison to ensure their well-being, growth and quality.

Transparency: Not only as a business, but as farmers and producers, all of our operations are transparent in order to build trust, clarity and honesty as it is our social obligation. We consider ourselves to be a niche provider and this is to allow customers to feel more like partners and be aware of who and what we are. We are strong advocates that everyone is entitled to know where their food comes from and we want to empower our followers to be informed and educated – we want YOU to know the farmer behind the food.

Quality: We have dedicated our time, energy and effort to ensure the quality of our animals, our land and therefore our meat we provide to you. The humane treatment, natural management, pasture grazing and hormone-free environment and lifestyle we create for our bison promotes top tiered, heritage breed quality meat that is both nutritional in value and tastes great. High quality meat comes from high quality farms.

100% Natural
Humanely Raised
Hormone Free
Pasture Raised
Made in Oklahoma
Product of USA